In the prehistoric past, somewhere around the last Ice Age, young Keda is about to go on his first bison hunt. The adventure takes a bad turn as he finds himself severely injured and abandoned by his tribe. Intuitively he decides to spare the life of a wolf (also abandoned by its pack) and they try to survive together in the wilderness.
It took a long time for men and canines to build a relationship based on mutual trust and appreciation. This movie tells us about the first steps on this road. It is a heartwarming story told in visually stunning pictures, and thanks to the collaboration of archeologists, linguists and museologists we can get an insight into the everyday life of our ancestors who lived in a hierarchical society (just like wolves) and had to survive each day leaning on their own skills and resourcefulness (just like wolves). The wolf in the movie is actually 'played' by a Czechoslovakian wolfdog and he is absolutely stealing the scene with his intelligent expressions. Alpha is an emotional, spectacular and entertaining adventure, ideal for a 'family together' movie experience.
22 August 2018
Hungarian title: Alfa
American adventure, 96 min, 2018
Two thousand years ago during a hunt, Keda suffers an accident and his tribe believes he is dead. Now he has to survive on his own.
Directed by:

Albert Hughes

Distributor: InterCom
Premiere: 23 August 2018
(14 pictures)

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