Under the Silver Lake

This is an ambitious and also a rather peculiar film, it is quite difficult to label it as for genres or categories. 'Under the Silver Lake' is criticizing society, the hipster-culture, Hollywood, and creation itself but manages to stay cool and charming somehow, despite all its faults. A little muddled but very likeable film from the director of acclaimed 2014 horror 'It Follows'.
This chaotic and extraordinary film tells the story of Sam (Andrew Garfield), a disenchanted 33-year-old who lives the life of the average Los Angeles hipster. One night he finds a beautiful and mysterious young woman, Sarah (Riley Keough), swimming in his apartment's pool. Flirting begins, there is a great chemistry between them, and Sam feels like something is about to happen. He is all excited about this new friend and looking forward to their next meeting, but to his consternation the following day he discovers that Sarah disappeared from her house, along with the furniture and other belongings. Sam is determined to find her, so he embarks on a surreal quest which is leading him into the darkest depths of mystery and conspiracy in the City of Angels.
22 August 2018
Hungarian title: Kaliforniai rémálom
American crime, 139 min, 2018
Sam becomes obsessed with the kidnapping of a beautiul girl and the murder of a billionaire, and starts to investigate.
Distributor: Cinetel
Premiere: 23 August 2018
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