Slender Man

The fuss about Slender Man (a thin, tall and faceless humanoid figure) broke out in 2009 when its creator took part in a competition on the Internet, organized by a webpage, for which you had to collect and send paranormal pictures. So, (with a little help from Photoshop), the new version of the boogeyman was born, and soon obtained a numerous fanclub.
The terrifying myth of this creature was created and spread on the Internet. Slender Man's figure appeared in video games and series since then, moreover in 2014 it was also related to a real murder attempt. It was inevitable that sooner or later somebody would adapt it to the big screen. However, the critics are not very enthusiastic about the movie, according to the 'Hollywood Reporter' it is "one of the most boring wide-release horror flicks of recent years", and many other journals say that the mayor part of the public who knew nothing about the myth of Slender Man will probably leave the cinema wondering what all the fuss was about. The plot is simple: in a small town in Massachusetts, a group of teenagers, fascinated by all the material they found on the Internet about Slender Man, attempt to prove that he doesn't actually exist - until one of them mysteriously goes missing. 
23 August 2018
Hungarian title: Slender Man - #Az ismeretlen rém
American horror, 93 min, 2018
A story of a terrifying, long-armed and thin crature who is responsible for the disappearance of several teenagers and children.
Directed by:

Sylvain White

Distributor: InterCom
Premiere: 23 August 2018
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