Juliet, Naked

This quirky comedy tries to win the public over using the ever charming Rose Byrne and a picturesque coastal village in Britain. Our heroine Annie has a boyfriend who is completely obsessed about a long-disappeared rocker, and she feels like she is stuck in a dull life she never really wanted. This is about to change when she leaves a spiky comment on the fan page created by her partner.
The film is based on Nick Hornby's novel with the same title (he has already written a book about music fandom entitled 'High Fidelity', director Stephen Frears adapted it to the big screen in 2000). It tells the story of Duncan, a big fan of disappeared alt-rocker Tucker Crowe and Annie, who has had enough of her boyfriend's obsession and she is determined to change her life. The possibility comes when the musician answers her unfriendly comment, and soon the two start to bond together on the Internet, and then also in real life as Crowe visits the sleepy little English town. Vivid, enjoyable performances (Rose Byrne is luminous) and witty dialogues make this lovable romantic dramedy an efficient remedy against autumn melancholy.
11 October 2018
Hungarian title: A meztelen Juliet
American tragicomedy, 105 min, 2018
Annie doesn't understand what her husband likes about rock musician Tucker. When the new album comes out, Annie writes a not really flattering comment on the fan page. Surprisingly, she gets a reply.
Directed by:

Jesse Peretz

Distributor: InterCom
Premiere: 11 October 2018
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