10 Things To Do This Spring

Spice Up the Season !
Budapest, 01 March 2020 - 31 May 2019
Spring is a season of rebirth when we all feel the good vibes so let's receive a few tips about how to channel all these positive energies. Budapest is beautiful in all seasons, only waiting for you to choose among the many cheerful spring activities it offers us.
#1: A stroll under the cherry blossoms at Buda Castle
Sometimes the best things in life are for free. Such as the amazing view of the Buda Castle and its surroundings. Where else can we experience the spirit of spring more fully than under the thick, fragrant, pink cherry blossoms along Tóth Árpád Promenade? Enjoy a pleasant walk and don't forget to take some pictures!
#2: Zugliget Chairlift
A travel with the chairlift is never more amazing than in Springtime, when you see the green, blossoming trees all around you while floating gently in the air. Before or after have a snack at Kilátó Café and climb up to Elisabeth Lookout Tower where you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the city.
#3: Budapest Art Week
It is a much awaited event by local hipsters and art lovers, organized every year within the confines of Budapest Spring Festival. Discover the galleries and ateliers of the city, take part in workshops and performances, see what's new and exciting in contemporary art.
#4: Akvárium Spring Terrace
'Let the music belong to everyone!'- said a famous Hungarian composer once. Fortunately popular concert venue Akvárium Klub keeps that in mind, opening its Spring Terrace every year, offering loads of cool acoustic performances by acclaimed local and international musicians for free.
#5: Children's Railway
The perfect 'connect with nature tour': all seven stops along the Children's Railway route are popular recreation spots. If you want to discover the Buda Hills & Forest with its characteristic must-see places, then have a ride on this charming, nostalgic mini-train which is almost entirely run by children.
#6: Budakeszi Wildlife Park
The pleasant spring weather is most convenient for big walks and hikes, so the Wildlife Park of the Buda forest is a very popular destination during this season. To the children's delight a bunch of cute piglets, calves and fawns has been born in March, and the park also has a new female Lynx who arrived last December.
#7: Thermal Baths
The sun is finally shining but you still feel a bit tired? Regain your energies at one of the many excellent thermal baths of Budapest, enjoying the benefits of hot mineral water, sauna and massage. Choose Gellért or Széchenyi if you prefer the posh ones, or go to simpler but just as efficient Lukács at a friendlier price.
#8: Buborék Shop
You are at your wits' end choosing presents for a special occasion or buying souvenirs for your friends? If you are bored of the cliche trinkets, don't worry: Buborékshop offers you an inspiring environment and a wide range of beautiful designer products with which you can surely please your loved ones.
#9: Biokultúra Eco-Market
The big open-air market of organic products opens its gates every Saturday from 8AM to 1PM at Csörsz Street, offering a green alternative to environmentally conscious consumers. Whether you would like to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables, bread and sausages, honey or beauty products, your place is definitely there.
#10: Garden of Philosophy
Spring is a great season for meditation, and you will find a great place to escape from the rest of the world if you visit this special garden on Gellért Hill. The inspiring monument consists of eight bronze statues: five figures (Abraham, Echnaton, Jesus, Buddha and Lao Tse) stand around the center and other three (Mahatma Gandhi, Daruma Taishi and Saint Francis) stand apart, showing the development of humankind and aiming for a better mutual understanding.

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