Hungarian movie with French stars

Golden Bear winner Ildikó Enyedi shoots her new film in Budapest
Internationally acclaimed Hungarian director Ildikó Enyedi (best known for her Oscar nominated film 'On Body and Soul') is currently shooting 'The Story of my Wife', an adaptation of Milan Füst's haunting novel, also known as 'The Reminiscenses of Captain Störr'.
Gijs Naber, the charismatic Dutch actor plays the jealous husband Captain Störr, a simple man who finds it difficult to understand the complexities of women and deal with the hard blows that life gives us. Naber said at the press conference that it was intriguing to understand this vulnerable but also strong character who tries to stay alive and go forward no matter what. The wife Lizzy is played by Léa Seydoux, a luminous actress who started out as a fresh favourite of contemporary French Cinema (playing in award winning films such as 'Blue Is The Warmest Color') and ended up as an intellectual Bond girl beside Daniel Craig in 'Spectre'. Her career continues to fly high including exciting international projects like this one, and a new James Bond movie next year. Seydoux said she found it very moving how the novel could speak through its rough marine protagonist about subtle things like the complex nature of love and marriage. Another French star, Louis Garrel plays the mysterious third party. In France he is a very current actor and director. He has a somewhat special family background having a famous actor grandfather (Maurice Garrel), a famous actress mother (Brigitte Sy), a prominent New Wave director father (Philippe Garrel), and a talented actress sister (Esther Garrel). One could say that he was destined to a cinematographer's life, his latest film 'A Faithful Man' can be seen in the Hungarian cinemas since this June. Garrel said that 'The Story of my Wife' will be a very dream-like, almost surreal experience. It is an interesting fun fact that Louis Garrel and Léa Seydoux are good friends in real life, they played the leading roles in 'La Belle Personne', a big hit in 2008 which triggered Seydoux's career. She also featured Garrel's first short film 'The Little Tailor'. It is funny that more than 10 years later they play together again in a Hungarian production. Director Ildikó Enyedi told the journalists that her version of 'The Story of my Wife' will be a love letter. "It is a love letter to all the wonderfully imperfect men out there. They are the love of our lives."- she said. The film will come out in 2020, and since Enyedi's previous project 'On Body and Soul' was such a huge success worldwide, it is already on the much-awaited list of every cinemagoer.
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