Screenings at Bem Cinema

Watch again your favourite oldie-goldies and catch up on current movie hits !
Budapest, Bem Mozi, 12 March 2020 - 30 March 2020
Bem Cinema remains open all March (as less than 100 people can attend their events in the small hall) and offers regular screenings of old and not-so-old cinema hits so you can watch again your favourite films or catch up with your must-see list. The small venue has a friendly retro vibe so you can enjoy the cozy ambiance too.


All the movies are in English with Hungarian Subtitles, unless we indicate otherwise. Ticket price: 1300 HUF. You can purchase tickets online following the link on the right or you can buy them at Bem Cinema (Margit körút 5., Budapest, Hungary, 1027) every day between 4PM and 10PM. Schedule for this March:

12th of March, 18.00. - Moszkva Square (Hungarian dramedy, with English Subtitles)

13th of March, 21.00. - Friday the 13th (American horror)

14th of March, 18.00. - 8 Mile (American drama)

14th of March, 20.30. - Parasite (South-Korean with English subtitles)

15th of March, 20.00. - Get Out (American horror-satire)

16th of March, 18.30. - Samsara (non-narrative documentary film)

16th of March, 20.30. - You Were Never Really Here (British-American drama)

17th of March, 18.00. - Three Identical Strangers (British-American documentary)

18th of March, 20.30. - Alfred Hitchcock: Shadow of a Doubt (American film)

19th of March, 20.00. - The Witness (Hungarian satire, with English subtitles)

20th of March, 18.00. - Parasite (South-Korean with English subtitles)

20th of March, 21.00. - Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (American film)

21st of March, 18.00. - The Devil Wears Prada (American comedy)

21st of March, 20.30. - Falling Down (American psycho-thriller)

22nd of March, 20.00. - Shutter Island (American thriller)

26th of March, 18.00. - Cat City (Hungarian animation with English subtitles)

27th of March, 19.00. - Fear of Missing Out (Hungarian drama with English subtitles)

28th of March, 17.00. - Ruben Brandt, Collector (Hungarian animation with English subtitles)

28th of March, 19.00. - Blade Runner Double Feature (American sci-fi)

29th of March, 18.00. - The Hours (American drama)

29th of March, 20.30. - Parasite (South-Korean with English subtitles)

30th ofMarch, 20.30. - Green Book (American drama-biopic)


Film premieres

Wreck-It Ralph

American, animation, 92 min., 2012
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