Hungarian Natural Cosmetics - Part One

Discover the new generation of eco-friendly beauty products!
Nowadays beauty products must also strive for a more environmentally conscious attitude. Slogans like Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free or Eco have become standards they must comply with. Fortunately many Hungarian brands were pioneers in this process, and they continue to pamper our skin with natural, high-quality ingredients.
VeraNatura Manufaktúra

Located in sunny South-Hungary, this small but confident brand will sweep you off your feet with their incredibly effective and enticingly fragrant beauty products ranging from creams to scrubs, from soaps to gels and various balms. They only use natural ingredients like rose water, jojoba, macadamia and argan oil, Q10 enzyme, Vitamin E or Calendula extract. The charming scent is due to essential oils like Lavender or Lemon Balm, inspired by their own beautiful herb garden. Among the most popular products we find many goodies destined to babies and small kids, like the caressing Bathing Milk (with nourishing Apricot and Evening Primrose Oil), Bottom cream (with lanolin & panthenol for extra care) or Goat Milk-Calendula Soap. As for the adults, here comes a short list of their most sought-after products: Sun-Screen balm (20-25 SPF, strictly non-nano with Zinc Oxide & Titanium Dioxide, enriched with hydrating Aloe Vera juice, Apricot oil and Meadowfoam Seed Oil), Rose And Pomegranate Anti-Age Cream (recommended as a night cream due to its rich texture), Cornflower Rehydrating Cream (for dry or problematic skin), Argan Oil And Rice Bran Oil Body Lotion (for normal or a little dry skin), Aloe-Babassu Hand Cream (the savior of very dry and cracked skin, especially recommended in wintertime), Green Tea Scrub (for combination & greasy skin, with gentle jojoba pearls) Aloe Intimate Cleanser (with antiseptic Tea Tree Oil), Aluminum-Free Deodorant Sticks (safe and really effective with Essential Oils, Shea and Cocoa Butter, Zinc Oxide and Sodium Bicarbonate), Lavender-Chamomile After-Sun Gel (having a soothing and moisturizing effect), and Anti-Striae Cream (enriched with Wheat Germ Oil which helps to preserve the elasticity of the skin) for pregnant women. On the first Monday of every month you get discounts if you order from their website. Some of their products can be found at Mom & Beauty store (1075 Budapest, Károly krt . 5.) near Astoria metro station.

Olivia Natural

Olivia Natural is probably the most accessible brand as besides their web shop you can also find them at Mammut Shopping Mall. In 2005 their story started with the manufacturing of natural soaps, and they became quickly known throughout Hungary as they participated in fairs and festivals regularly. Nowadays they have a wide range of merchandise (creams, bath-bombs and pralines, lip-balms, baby care products, deodorants and essential oils) all hand-made, palm oil free, vegan and bio. Their goat-milk products (like the Energizing Face Mask) are especially good for the dry, sensitive skin, also their Q10-Plum Seed Oil Cream is great against the first signs of aging. This year they created a Sun-Screen Balm too (16-20 SPF, strictly non-nano with Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide) enriched with pampering ingredients like sesame oil, cocoa butter, karanja oil and carrot oil.

Schüssler Natur CosMEDics

Adrienn Soós created the Schüssler Natur CosMEDics after she had been introduced to the famous Schuessler Salts in Germany. These salts were first developed by the German doctor, Wilhelm Schuessler, who discovered twelve vital cell salts, 12 essential minerals your body needs in order to repair and maintain itself. Adrienn's idea was to blend these salts into creams, adding nutritious ingredients like Shea butter, pink mud and almond oil (just to mention a few). So the product will be effective on the surface of the skin, and it will also have additional benefits on a cellular level. The result is very convincing: Schüssler Natur CosMEDics is a very sought-after brand in Hungary, their products are also available in some pharmacies (e.g. in Mammut Shopping Mall), where you can try the testers. Their website has an English version so you can order easily online. They can boast of many success stories, for example their Micellar Water(enriched with hamamelis and n.8 S. salt) is extremely popular, also this summer they launched a new BB cream (available in two shades) and a pampering Pink Mud Mask. It is recommended to try their soaps, creams, lip balms and serums too.


HappySkin provides luxury in our everyday life: they combine high-quality active ingredients in order to create complex products with various beneficial components. Probably they are the most expensive brand in this list but customers are satisfied with the price-quality ratio as they get real value for money. Among their most popular products there is Vesta Jojoba Face Cream, Aphrodite Avocado Face Cream, Elegance Anti-Age Cream, and Pure Hyaluron or Probio serum. For the children we can choose from playfully named goodies such as Meerkat Body Lotion, Frog Bath Milk, Crocodile bottom cream or Wolverine Hand Cream. Kamilla Göcsei founded the brand together with her mother Márta Forrai, a doctor and a neuropath, and the two make no compromises: they submit their products regularly to micro-biological examinations to guarantee the efficiency of the components and the safety of use. Some of their products are available at Müller Stores.


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