Hungarian Natural Cosmetics - Part Two

Discover the new generation of eco-friendly beauty products!
Nowadays beauty products must also strive for a more environmentally conscious attitude. Slogans like Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free or Eco have become standards they must comply with. Fortunately many Hungarian brands were pioneers in this process, and they continue to pamper our skin with natural, high-quality ingredients.
COLO Skincare

Colo means 'care' in Latin, and Bartha Csilla, the founder of the brand takes skincare very seriously indeed. Their most innovative feature is that you can ask for your own personal cream: if you consult with Csilla through (or through Facebook), you can decide together which ingredients would suit your skin the best. Their most popular products include the Hydrating Facial Tonic (with Vitamin C, Green Tea Extract, Rose Flower Water and Aloe Vera Gel), the Hialuron Intense Serum (with Red Grape Extract, Caffeine and Collagen) and the natural BB Cream (with Jojoba Oil, Green Tea Extract and Raspberry Seed Oil).


The 'love-child' of natural ingredients and French chique. Gubányi-Prokec Nelly, the founder of the brand was born in Paris. After she moved to Hungary she became interested in herbs and aromatherapy. She wanted to create cosmetics for women who prefer natural ingredients but also like delicious scents. She worked together with an expert parfumer in order to discover the best ways to create heavenly scents using natural ingredients. The result is very successful, thanks to their expertise and to the premium ingredients they use for their products. Check out their amazing, fragrant soaps, hydrating Body Oils. Cellu-cups or Anti-Striae Oils. Find them through email ( or Facebook.


The brand was founded by Dr. Gyovai Viola, a renowned biologist who aims at combining traditional recipes and innovative technologies in order to preserve the health of our skin (and also the health of our planet). She belives in the power of nature. The products are submitted to divers scientific examinations (including dermatology and toxicology) before being sold to the customers. The brand has an English webpage, so it's easy to get an insight into their work and order their products online. You can do their skin type test which makes it easier for you to choose between the available creams. Also there's a map that helps you to find the nearest beauty salons with the cosmetical treatments of BIOLA's professional use products.


Luxury brand Omorovicza combines the healing properties of Hungarian thermal water and the modern technologies of beauty industry. Stephen, the descent of Hungarian aristocrats founded the brand after he has met his future wife Margaret, an American diplomat. Together they discovered the wonderful effects that the thermal waters of Budapest can have on people's skin. Enlisting the help of a Nobel prize-winning team of scientists, Omorovicza developed Hydro Mineral Transference, a delivery system that enables the absorption of minerals from the healing waters of Budapest by the epidermis for firmer, suppler and younger-looking skin. Visit personally their Boutique & Spa (Budapest, Andrássy út 2, 1061), get an insight into their loyalty programme, check out their products in English, find them on Facebook or consult with them through email (


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