Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
7/10 (1)
Angelina Jolie proved herself a true moviestar in the previous episode five years ago: 'Maleficent' has shed a new light on the most complex villain in Disney's history. Unfortunately the sequel is much less interesting.
Aurora has become a bright young lady and she is engaged to Prince Phillip. All goes well until we find out that the prince's mother, Ingrith is a mad woman with evil plans: she wants to create disharmony between the humans and the magical creatures. Maleficent has notably less screen time in this film as there are heaps of new characters, but Angelina Jolie is still delightful in the role. However the movie lacks real zest: it stands for current political issues but it fails to charm the spectator the way 'Maleficent' did five years ago.
24 October 2019
Hungarian title: Demóna: A sötétség úrnője
American family, 118 min, 2019
The complex relationship of Maleficent and Aurora continues to be explored as they face new threats to the magical land of the Moors.
Directed by:

Joachim Ronning

Distributor: Fórum Hungary
Premiere: 17 October 2019
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