Budapest as Europe's most beautiful winter city

We are proud to announce that according to CNN Travel Budapest is the most beautiful winter city in Europe. On their webpage they even mention ten things you must do if you are lucky enough to visit our capital during the Christmas holiday.
"Offering a cozy winter atmosphere with romantic architectural creations, Budapest delivers a scene reminiscent of a classic Christmas movie." wites CNN Travel. Anyone who visited the capital during wintertime will know that these flattering words are not exaggerating, as the city is literally buzzing with activities in spite of the cold. And what are the top ten things to do according to CNN? Well of course they mention the fairytale-like Christmas Fairs (they put special emphasis on the 3D Light Projection Show at St. Stephen's Basilica) and the City Park Ice Rink, which is the largest and most picturesque venue dedicated to open-air ice skating. They also cite the Thermal Baths as they offer recreation and peace amidst the unfriendly cold, and speaking of recreation we shouldn't forget the ruin pubs like Szimpla Kert, Ankert, or Kisüzem where we can meet up with friends anytime. Budapest also has a special winter vehicle, the Christmas Tram, which mainly circulates on tram line 2 but sometimes it may also appear on other lines of the city. If you are into special vehicles, a river cruise on the Danube is something you wouldn't want to miss out too. Or do you prefer to go on foot? Not a problem: beautiful, glittering Avenues are waiting for you to be discovered. Andrássy Avenue and Fashion Street are the most popular ones. Once at Andrássy Avenue, you should stop to admire the beautiful Opera House, a spectacular example of the Neo-Renaissance architecture. Are you interested in historic buildings? The Buda Castle and the Castle Garden Bazaar will be the perfect destination for you. So, these are the top ten attractions according to CNN, but of course feel free to discover your own unique spots in Budapest, not just during wintertime but at all seasons.

+1 Tip by PestiEst: Even when you don't see any snow in the city center, you should know that Normafa is probably waiting for you with a white wonderland! In December you'd better grab your ski equipment / your wooden or plastic sleds and take the 21A bus: a breathtaking, frozen landscape is waiting for you!
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