The Two Popes
Making a movie about the meeting & conversation of two historic persons? Those people who were cramped with excitement in their seats while watching 'Frost/Nixon' are probably looking forward to this film.
And they are right: director Fernando Meirelles ('Cidade de Deus', 'The Constant Gardener') saw the unique possibility in this material, and made this film about two still living popes, the retired Benedict XVI and his successor, Pope Francis. The subject it tackles (the clash between strict conservatism and 'liberal' futurism) would be interesting in itself, and the excellent actors (Anthony Hopkins, Jonathan Pryce) make 'The Two Popes' a really enjoyable cinema experience as they both shine in their roles. So, as 'Frost/Nixon' once proved to the audience, biographical films can be just as entertaining as any other genre, and those who liked it won't be disappointed in 'The Two Popes'. And as for the OST, don't forget to admire Mercedes Sosa's beautifully sung 'Cuando tenga la tierra'. 
11 December 2019
Hungarian title: A két pápa
American-British-Argentinean-Italian drama, 125 min, 2019
Behind Vatican walls, the conservative Pope Benedict and the liberal future Pope Francis must find common ground to forge a new path for the Catholic Church.
Directed by:

Fernando Meirelles

Distributor: Netflix
Premiere: 12 December 2019


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