A 7000-year-old message

Remains of the Neolithic world in and around Budapest
Budapest, Aquincumi Múzeum, 09 December 2019 - 31 October 2020
The notions of the new Neolithic way of life were accompanied by several – for us mysterious – rites. Their purpose may have been to gain the help of supernatural forces. Rare human and animal-shaped clay statuettes as well as vessels with a human face are mute witnesses of these rites; they also represent the best artwork of the period.
"Life in the Neolithic was still very close to nature. People were respectful of nature and used its resources only to the necessary extent. Humankind today has come to believe that it is above nature, that it can subdue all, conquer all. This is, I think, the message: that we, too, ought to pay attention to the warning signs of nature, extreme weather, large storms, drought, earthquakes, and the destruction of the natural environment in general." curator, archaeologist Dr Zsuzsanna M. Virág.

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