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Interview with Daisy Ridley
Daisy Ridley is undoubtedly the star of the new Star Wars trilogy: she is the new Luke Skywalker and in the very last episode she shows us once more the true nature of the Force. Maybe we even get to know her origins? She talked about the shooting process of 'The Rise of Skywalker'.

She is 27 years old.


She debuted in 'SW ep.VII: The Force Awakens'.


She won the MTV Movie Awards in 2015.

Q: Can you talk a little bit about your training for this film?
I started training in January, and it was amazing because we didn’t start filming until August. When I started in January, the importance was on health and feeling good. My main concern was just getting knackered because it’s a massive shoot, and I have been in an extraordinary amount of days. I just wanted to feel really good, and obviously look like I had been training for a while, but my real thing was stamina, and health and just getting ready. Next I started kickboxing. Our stunt coordinator, Eunice Huthart, is amazing, so it was awesome doing that side as well. So when I actually got into doing the stunt stuff, I felt really ready. Some of the stuff I’ve done is so terrifying. For example, I had to dive off a 30-foot platform. Obviously I’m on wires, but also I’m diving and stopping on a mat. But because I trusted them so much, I felt like I was able to do stuff I never thought I could have done before.

Q: What was the most challenging scene physically that you had to do on this film?
The fight scene with Adam Driver was a challenge, but the thing that became more challenging was that we were being doused with water cannons, and it was November in England, so it was cold. But I still knew deep down that I could do it. One of the things that was actually really hard was when we were doing the speeders in Jordan. I didn’t know what we were doing, so I hadn’t warmed up properly. And because they were sort of tilted, it was really tough, so my knees were really hurting by the end of the day.

Q: Talk about the costumes a little bit.
It’s been really lovely in terms of costume, and hair and makeup because for the most part they use earthy colors, and it’s all meant to be utilitarian. The trousers they made felt nice because they were somewhere between the previous two. Then the white outfit was awesome. It’s so beautiful. In terms of makeup, it pretty much stayed the same, all natural. For the hair, we just wanted something that looked slightly more different, but still with the same silhouette. So they came up with the three bulls, instead of the three knobs. It just looks a bit sturdier and the silhouette is really nice.

Q: Can you talk a little bit about the camaraderie between Rey, Poe and Finn on-screen and off-screen.
It’s been really fun, because I hadn’t properly worked with Oscar Isaac before. In this one, you see Rey and Poe in a bit of a frictional friendship, which is really fun because that’s how friends are. I really liked it. And John Boyega is just great. To do a film with someone you don’t get on with that well must be really difficult. I thank the universe all the time that it was John who I got to be with. Because he’s just amazing.

Q: Oscar said he had just a great time on this one too.
I think everyone really did. When we were in Jordan, I was on the speeder with Joonas and Joonas and I hadn’t ever really been alone together. So for a few days, it was just the two of us, and he is hilarious. I also got to work more with Anthony Daniels, which was really nice. I’ve worked with pretty much everyone. It was so cool.

Q: Can you talk a little bit about Billy Dee Williams?
Billy Dee brought so much joy. His vibe is really nice. He showed me pictures of his granddaughter and said I reminded him of her. I really liked that because I sort of felt moved being with him, like there was some kind of connection. He’s such a suave man. It’s great he is back.

Q: Has this experience been an emotional one for you?
Yes. Somebody said to me that I’ve been really strong throughout. But there have been so many tears. It’s emotional doing the scenes, but for all really great reasons. It’s like making a film with people that you really love. But it’s been tough. Some of the stuff that I had to do was really intense.
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