Judy Garland was a charming actress and an iconic performer, but also a victim of Hollywood. This biopic concentrates on her famous London concert tour in 1968: the event was as ambiguous as her life, full of beautiful moments and terrible downturns.
The pretty girl who sang 'Over the Rainbow' in The Wizard of Oz grew up to be an unstable and troubled woman thanks to the tyranny of her production company MGM. She was forced to take amphetamines and barbiturates in order to support the effects of overwork, so no wonder that as an adult she struggled with severe addiction. (The production company also forced her to shed weight and later to have an abortion as a baby would not fit into their schedule.) This biopic only refers to Judy's past in some flashbacks, but we can deduce it as we watch the high-strung, desperate Judy going on a concert tour because she ran out of money and her ex-husband wants custody of her children. Homage to an iconic performer, or just another Oscar-bait? Renée Zellweger is all nerves and she works her guts out in the role, everybody can decide whether it's too much or just perfect, she undoubtedly sings beautifully though. The only real problem is that the film fails to do justice morally as it romanticizes a tragic life broken in two by Hollywood.
13 January 2020
Hungarian title: Judy
British biographical drama, 118 min, 2019
Legendary performer Judy Garland arrives in London in the winter of 1968 to perform a series of sold-out concerts.
Directed by:

Rupert Goold

Distributor: Vertigo Média
Premiere: 16 January 2020
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