Makovecz House

Imre Makovecz (1935-2011) was a Hungarian architect best known as a dedicated and prominent figure of organic architecture. His work has been also a criticism of communist ideology. The buildings he designed were full of humanism: deeply connected with nature and permeated by a spirituality which defined his whole life.
Probably most people associate his name with the 'Onion Thermal Bath' of Makó (in the South of Hungary), as he designed several buildings for this town, famous for its onion production.

But those who feel interested in his work don't have to go as far as Makó, because one of his most beautiful creations can be seen in Budapest XII. district, Városkúti Street: the House he designed for himself and his family. Makovecz considered the house as a living 'being': it had to be able to serve many other purposes (he believed in spiritual, artistic and even healing powers in a house) besides providing shelter for its habitants. It is a Centre often visited by students, tourists and locals alike as all the visitors can feel the good vibes of the House and the garden (dominated by a tall Walnut Tree). Functionality, beauty and inventiveness exist together effortlessly in Makovecz's works, he was so tireless that he even decorated his cigarette boxes. On the official website (see link above) you can discover more buildings close to Budapest which are related to this unique figure of Hungarian architecture.
Makovecz Centre, Városkúti Street 2. - Photo by Tibor Zsitva
Makovecz Centre, Városkúti Street 2. - Photo by Tibor Zsitva
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