POSTPONED!!! Che Sudaka (ES)

ragga / hip-hop / latin
Budapest, A38 Hajó, 18 March 2020 20:00
Barcelona's salsa-ragga-hip-hop-punk-street-bomb, Manu Chao's best disciple, Che Sudaka returns after many years to the ship to make everyone happily incrazed. Their sound is authentic and recognizable, a mix of Latin American folklore, Jamaican rhythms, punk attitude and the electronic toys of a sound system.
Four brothers who stop time with an accordion, acoustic and electric guitars, samplers and drum computers, not to forget an inexhaustible positive energy. Each concert is a sweaty fiesta in the “here and now”, a moment of unity and togetherness, respect and love. That's what Che Sudaka stands for. That´s what makes people love the band worldwide. The once illegal immigrants in the streets of Barcelona have been invited to festivals in forty-seven countries and have by now played around one and a half thousand concerts on all five continents.


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