Hungarian Jewelry Designers

"For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also..."
As Valentine's Day is looming on the horizon suddenly we become even more interested in jewels, bijous and other pretty trinkets. Rings, necklaces and bracelets: what a nice way to express our feelings towards our beloved one! Let's see a quick array of Hungarian designers whose work can make any woman happy.
Rebelle Beton Design
Andrea Barcsai-Debródi wants her customers to feel self-confident and beautiful, so Rebelle Beton Design products convey equal emounts of grace and firmness. 'Some of them are elegant and graceful but you can also find real colorful and jaunty ones too, so everybody can decide which suits her personality the best' says she. The only difficulty lies in choosing only one among these unique and eye-catching 'gems', all made with a special type of concrete and lots of love.

Ammil Design
How to capture the delicate essence of flowers? Can we preserve scents and colours, fleeting memories? Orsolya Maár can apparently do all this with her exquisite, handmade resin jewels containing only natural and ecologically conscious ingredients. 'Dedication, responsibility and the love of nature' - that's how she describes her work, and the result is quite fairy-tale like: tiny flowers captured in a raindrop, bringing beauty and grace into our everyday routine.

"I am Judit Wild. I am the enthusiastic type. I am only interested in jewelry design and I do believe in listening to my intuition." says the confident designer of Vadjutka, and this charming personality clearly shows in her colorful, witty and unconventional products. She loves combining all sorts of different materials: glass beads, fabric, metal, wood, and her latest love, silver. The result always has an unexpected little twist, something to catch your attention and make you think.

Andrea Mácsár Textile Jewelry
"I love textiles! It has many way of usage and endless possibilities. I made friends with textiles and yarns during my childhood, and learned how to knit, sew, and embroider from my mom." - says local designer Andrea Mácsár. Her unique, colorful textile jewels are very sought after and often used at professional photo sessions. Everybody can find the right shape, color and texture among the different types, ranging from refined to provocative.

Freya Design
This brand has been created by local couple Enyedi Andrea & Kárpule Zsolt. According to their belief, beauty and creativity are both necessary ingredients in jewelry, so they can lighten up our everyday lives. We should never be afraid of change, so their glass jewels also show different shades depending on the light that touches them. It is magic. Moreover, even those who suffer from metal allergies can wear these products as they are made of original murano glass and surgical steel.

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