Tank And The Bangas (US), Nunki Bay Starship

Hiphop / Funk / Soul / Pop
Budapest, A38 Hajó, 08 April 2020 Wednesday 20:00
The members of 'Tank and the Bangas' met while jamming at an Orleans open mic event in 2011. The chemistry was instant, and soon the band was formed. This concert of the Budapest Spring Festival is presented by the Budapest Festival and Tourism Center as a joint program with A38 Ship.


The band has already conquered the hearts of the American audience: In the very person of the lead singer Tarriona “Tank” Ball, not one but at least three performers with different styles seem to converge. She effortlessly slips from the articulation of a slam poet into that of a soul or jazz singer, before transforming into a rapper, while her avant-garde lyrics have all the merits of poetry. The members of the band: Tarriona “Tank” Ball – voice, Daniel Abel – guitar, Jonathan Johnson – bass guitar, Etienne Stoufflet – tenor saxophone, Albert Allenback – alto saxophone, flute, Norman Spence – keyboards, effects, Merell Burkett – keyboards, Joshua Johnson – drums, Anjelika Joseph, Tia Henderson – backing vocals. 


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