Mammal of the Year 2020

European Otter
This charming but elusive predator is perfectly suited to a life mostly spent in the water: they have webbed feet, dense fur and they can close their ears and nose while swimming underwater. As they require clean rivers and plenty of vegetation, it is no wonder that this unique species becomes more and more endangered.
Most people remember the famous 'Cuddle Party' scene from Pixar film 'Finding Dory', where sea otters create a major traffic jam while performing a spectacular act of mutual affection. And that's not a false image: yes, otters are cute and sociable, playful and inquisitive. Their stocky legs, long body and broad muzzle make them really endearing, and most importantly these qualities help them to lead a semi-aquatic life. They can swim at about one metre per second and they dive deep to catch fish, their favourite food. In order to spice up their diet a little bit, they also eat small birds or frogs sometimes. Water pollution (such as oil and PCBs) is a major threat for these charming animals. If you would like to have a glimpse into their private lives while you can, the Otter Park of Petesmalom is waiting for you all year long.


Film premieres

Cittadini del Mondo

Italian, comedy, 92 min., 2019

Guns Akimbo

British-German-New Zealander, action comedy, 95 min., 2019

Like a Boss

American, comedy, 83 min., 2020


American, animation, 114 min., 2020

Onward 3D

American, animation, 114 min., 2020
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