I Am Not a Serial Killer American, horror, 104 min, 2016
Premiere date: 28 June 2018
Being a teenager is hard enough as it is, but John has some additional problems too. He is troubled by negative thoughts and he is interested in death (no wonder, his mother being a medical expert). This strange film is a horror and a dark coming-of-age drama mixed together.
I Am Not a Witch British-French-German, drama, 93 min, 2017
Premiere date: 16 August 2018
After 8-years-old Shula is declared to be a witch, she is banished to a special camp where she is tied to a long white ribbon and being shown to the tourists as an attraction. Also she has to work hard on the fields and support the extreme heat. She has no choice: if she cuts the ribbon, she transforms into a goat.
I Feel Pretty American-Chinese, comedy, 110 min, 2018
Premiere date: 14 June 2018
I Still See You American, thriller, 96 min, 2018
Premiere date: 11 October 2018
Millions die in America due to a major catastrophe, and the line between the living and the dead becomes blurred as the Remnants still linger among their family stuck in a time loop. One day, 16 year old Veronica receives a threatening message, and that changes everything.
I, Tonya American, biographical drama, 119 min, 2017
Premiere date: 01 February 2018
In 1994, January, for a moment figure skating became more interesting than usual as a strange event made headlines in America: a man broke the leg of Nancy Kerrigan, one of the American competitors. The brutal act was scandalous in itself but to top it all news had spread that Kerrigan's rival, Tonya Harding was also involved in the 'accident'.
Impromptu Hungarian, drama, 80 min, 2019
Premiere date: 14 November 2019
Unfortunately the first Hungarian #metoo film doesn't have the power to raise its voice and call people's attention to the problem of sexual harassment.
Incredibles 2 American, animation, 118 min, 2018
Premiere date: 05 July 2018
Following a botched mission the Parr family faces arrestation, and as being a superhero is still illegal, their future seems more than sombre. However, the leader of a telecommunication company wants to launch a new marketing strategy and rehabilitate the public image of Supers. They need Elastigirl to help them.
Insidious: The Last Key American-Canadian, horror, 103 min, 2018
Premiere date: 04 January 2018
Parapsychologist Dr. Elise Rainier has to face her demons again and again, though she seems to loose her strength over the years. This time the evil attacks the setting of her childhood: a peaceful family, living in the doctor's old home, is threatened now, so Elise must find a way to save them.
Instant Family American, comedy, 90 min, 2018
Premiere date: 24 January 2019
A truly heartwarming comedy/dramedy about a couple whose life turns upside down when they decide to foster three children, including a feisty teenager. The film is inspired by real events from the life of writer and director Sean Anders.
Isle of Dogs American-German, animation, 90 min, 2018
Premiere date: 03 May 2018
Dogs are man's best friend. But just as long as they are useful. When an epidemic of canine flu breaks out in a dystopian future Japan, ruled by dog-phobic Mayor Kobayashi, the poor mutts soon find themselves deported to Trash Island, where every day is a scrabbling for survival.
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