Keepers British, thriller, 101 min, 2018
Premiere date: 28 March 2019
In 1900 three lighthouse keepers on the remote Flannan Isles disappeared without a trace. Nobody ever knew what happened to them. This film presents a possible version of their story.
Killing Gunther 2017, American action comedy, 90 minutes
Premiere date: 19 October 2017
A group of assasins decide to track down together Gunther (Arnold Schwarzenegger), the most famous hitman of the world. The reason is simple: they want to kill him. Blake, the leader of the group is fueled by a personal thirst for revenge, and he has a complete plan for the elimination of Gunther, and what's more, he also trusts a film crew with the mission of filming the events which will follow, as killing Gunther will be a feat unheard of before and that needs to be documented properly.
Kingsman: The Golden Circle 2017, American action-comedy, 90 minutes
Premiere date: 21 September 2017
After watching Colin Firth fist fighting in 'Bridget Jones' we wouldn't suspect that he is perfectly capable of disarming a bunch of bad guys with a single black umbrella.
Knives Out American, crime, 130 min, 2019
Premiere date: 02 January 2020
The crime stories of Agatha Christie are still very enjoyable though they are a bit old-fashioned as they are connected with a passed away era. So director Rian Johnson (The Last Jedi) created something very similar but very up-to-date...
Kursk Belgian-Luxembourgian, drama, 117 min, 2018
Premiere date: 17 January 2019
Danish director Thomas Vinterberg's movie shows the tragic catastrophe of the Russian submarine Kursk and the following negligence of the government, featuring acclaimed stars of international cinema like Matthias Schoenaerts, Léa Seydoux and Colin Firth.
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Wreck-It Ralph

American, animation, 92 min., 2012
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