Ma American horror, 99 min, 2019
Premiere date: 30 May 2019
A bunch of teenagers meet a lonely woman and they ask her to buy some drinks as they are heading for a party. The kind adult not only grants their wish, but even invites them to her house and offers her cozy cellar as a party venue.
Madame French, comedy, 91 min, 2017
Premiere date: 16 November 2017
A rich American couple moves to Paris where they expect to live a life of ease. They have become estranged from each another since a long time but that doesn't prevent them from throwing a dinner party to their friends. When they see that the covers on the table amount to the unfortunate number of 13, their servant Maria receives a couple of strange instructions (like 'Don't speak much!' 'Don't drink much!' 'Don't laugh much!') and then she is invited to the table as a pseudo-guest.
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil American, family, 118 min, 2019
Premiere date: 17 October 2019
Angelina Jolie proved herself a true moviestar in the previous episode five years ago: 'Maleficent' has shed a new light on the most complex villain in Disney's history. Unfortunately the sequel is much less interesting.
Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again American, musical, 90 min, 2018
Premiere date: 19 July 2018
Ten years after the resounding success of Mamma Mia, the long-awaited sequel is coming finally, with A-list stars and the greatest hits of ABBA. The recipe is the same: sunny Greek island, catchy tunes, good-looking people with dancy feet, and of course, love & romance in all quantities.
Manifesto German, drama, 95 min, 2017
Premiere date: 01 February 2018
The fans of Cate Blanchett will undoubtedly love the experimental film of director Julian Rosefeldt because Manifesto is a one and a half hour acting from the side of the amazing actress who plays twelve different roles and is apparently enjoying this unusual situation.
Marriage Story American, drama, 136 min, 2019
Premiere date: 28 November 2019
For a long time 'Kramer vs. Kramer' was the ultimate movie about divorce. Director Noah Baumbach has a real chance to change that with this poignant drama starring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver.
Mary Magdalene British, drama, 120 min, 2018
Premiere date: 29 March 2018
Mary Magdalene is a person who has been much debated among historians and theologists: this film wants to free her figure from old preconceptions (like the idea of Mary being a 'fallen woman', a prostitute, often pictured in other adaptations like 'Jesus Christ Superstar') and presents her as an intelligent and courageous young woman, having a mind of her own, who decides to become a faithful pupil of Jesus.
Mary Queen of Scots British, historical drama, 124 min, 2018
Premiere date: 31 January 2019
History is not exclusively written by men. After the death of François II, King of France, his widow Mary Stuart returns to Scotland to reclaim her rightful throne. But Queen Elizabeth I is not overall happy with these plans, and feels more and more threatened by her determined cousin.
Mary Shelley American-British-Luxembourgian, biographical drama, 120 min, 2017
Premiere date: 04 April 2019
Here comes a new biopic about the author of Frankenstein, starring Elle Fanning. The life of Mary Shelley is more than worthy of a movie adaptation, as she was a revolutionary woman of the XIX century.
Maze Runner: The Death Cure American, sci-fi, 90 min, 2018
Premiere date: 25 January 2018
In the epic finale to The Maze Runner Saga Thomas and his handful of friends must break into the headquarters of WCKD in order to find Minho. Will they be able to rescue him? And will they find a cure for the Flare, a deadly disease which threatens their world?
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