Historical Cafés and Patisseries in Budapest
Café Houses played an important role in the life of society before WW2. The world has changed since, but some of them are still functioning today. Architectures know that the built and natural environment we see affects our state of mind, and it is impossible not to feel happy and dignified when you visit one of the historical cafés in Budapest.
Cooling Summer Drinks Cheerful feast for the eyes & body
During the summer we all need to drink more, but who says we can't have some fun and prepare delicious and nice-looking beverages using healthy and colorful ingredients? The base must be water of course, in hot weather it is recommended to avoid alcohol, and we should try to minimize the amount of sugar too.
Christmas Cakes Around the World
During the winter holiday everyone has a little more time and affinity for homemade delicacies. It doesn't matter if the result will be some afternoon nosh or the jewel of the beautifully set table on Christmas Eve. The forms, colors, ingredients, decoration and flavours of these cakes may vary according to the diferent traditions in each country, but Christmas time is definitely a season of special sweets everywhere.
Film premieres

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil

American, family, 118 min., 2019

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil 3D

American, family, 118 min., 2019

Zombieland: Double Tap

American, , 99 min., 2019

C'est quoi cette mamie?!

Belgian-French, comedy, 99 min., 2019


American-Canadian, sci-fi, 100 min., 2018
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