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Makovecz House
Imre Makovecz (1935-2011) was a Hungarian architect best known as a dedicated and prominent figure of organic architecture. His work has been also a criticism of communist ideology. The buildings he designed were full of humanism: deeply connected with nature and permeated by a spirituality which defined his whole life.
Queen Elisabeth, the Fairy Godmother of Hungary
As we are walking on the streets of Budapest we find many signs of the Hungarian people's affection towards Queen Elisabeth, wife of King Franz Joseph I. But who was this mysterious fairy godmother, and how can we trace her steps in the city?
Budapest from Bird's-Eye View
Enjoying the city panorama and having fun at the same time is possible: let’s discover some of the special vehicles of the capital which give us the possibility of seeing Budapest from bird’s perspective, and admire its unique beauty as it lies beneath our feet.
Tram Line no. 2. of Budapest
Discovering the popular and hidden gems of Budapest might be easier than you think, as great adventures are waiting for us following the course of public transportation.
Budapestinfo Points The touristic first-aid kit helping foreigners
Recently arrived in Budapest? Feeling a bit lost and ill at ease? Don’t worry, several Info Point offices are waiting for you in the city to help and provide information.
Sightseeing with children II. Discovering the city with your little one(s)
Visiting the popular and hidden gems of Budapest with kids might be easier than you think, as great adventures are waiting for the family following the course of public transportation.
Hanging out in Óbuda, eating a túrós csusza...
At the pier of Árpád bridge (Buda side) there is a small square surrounded by a charming little quarter of town, which is frequently sought for by Budapesters when they want to escape the city hubbub for a while, or want to discover a place where the atmosphere of old times still lingers and can be found.
Film premieres

Jojo Rabbit

American-Czech-New Zealander, comedy, 108 min., 2019

Corporate Animals

American, , 86 min., 2019

Gauguin a Tahiti. Il paradiso perduto

Italian, documentary, 88 min., 2019


American-British, war, 110 min., 2019

Richard Jewell

American, drama, 129 min., 2019
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