The spirit of Flamenco - Interview with dance artist Zsófia Pirók
A dedicated and strong-willed young artist, always taking the untrodden path.
Tango no Tango Modern Tango Show Budapest, Müpa Budapest, 01 March 2019 19:00
The charming duo László Budai & Andrea Pirity and their guests transport the audience to the streets of Buenos Aires discovering the many faces of this passionate dance based on the intricate relationship between man and woman.
Romeo and Juliet Contemporary Dance Production by the Ballet of Pécs Budapest, Müpa Budapest, 22 February 2019 19:00
The most intense love story in history: devotion and hatred, youth and death, tragedy and redemption. The Ballet of Pécs is famous for creating highly innovative adaptations, and surely they will breathe new life into the ancient classic tale of Romeo and Juliet.
Orpheus and Eurydice Dance performance by Szeged Contemporary Dance Company Budapest, Müpa Budapest, 16 March 2019 19:00
Enrico Morelli's choreography tries to represent the tragic love story of the two heroes in a tangible way, expressing passion and desire, but also pain, standing opposite to relentless fate which separates Orpheus and Eurydice despite of their unique bond.
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