Ancient History

Ruth and Jack, a thirty something couple, are "tall thin and funny", dancing to Bizet`s The Pearl Fishers while they poke fun at the world and have extraordinary sex. They believe they are perfectly suited. And so it seems, at first. Ruth is watching her friends settle down and start families, but can she and Jack negotiate their own relationship towards marriage? She is Jewish and he is a lapsed Catholic who scorns religion; she believes in hard work and success; he is a poorly paid teacher who is happy to settle for what he has. He`s definitely not the husband her parents had in mind! On the evening of her birthday party Ruth proposes and they have some stark truths to face. Stripped of their illusions and affectations, will this perfect couple accept the sobering truth that there is more that divides, than unites them? American playwright David Ives presents a funny, yet cautionary tale about relationships and the limits of being charming and clever.

Rendező: Virginia Proud



Molnár Ferenc Caramel 2005-ben, a Megasztár 2. szériájának győzteseként került a zenei köztudatba. 10 év elteltével sikere töretlen, a zenei és közélet kiemelt szereplője.
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