Potential Criminals – Impro Café

Team based improvisational plays! Sins, love, secrets, feelings, stereotypes... Choose, who or what do you want to discover? What are your secrets? Maybe you don't even know if you have any skeletons in your own cupboard...we arrest you before you commit your dirty deeds. We fill find out everything what is hiding inside you by invading your boundaries... Our plays are created together with our audiences, using their stories, their memories, their properties. Impro Café is the place that makes you loose your sense of reality or maybe helps you to find out what is real. Where the pubic decency of the cafe is exposed in the depravity of the private lives of you the guests. Improvisation Theatre from Budapest's longest running Impro Company. The story is always changing.
Molnár Ferenc Caramel 2005-ben, a Megasztár 2. szériájának győzteseként került a zenei köztudatba. 10 év elteltével sikere töretlen, a zenei és közélet kiemelt szereplője.
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